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Women's Gym Wear

It has been proven by many that new womens gym wear motivates you to go the gym and work out more. Therefore, this Christmas, it is compulsory that you put your new gym apparel on the top of your Christmas wish list, or simply treat yourself to kick start those New Year’s resolutions.

New year, new you: sound familiar? Well don’t leave it to the stars to decide whether you will or won’t succeed in your fitness goals for 2019; treat yourself to some new gym wear for your wardrobe and hit the gym with a passion for 2019.

Below we have listed, what we consider to be the three most vital items for any female fitness fanatic.

Sports Bra

Probably the singularly most important item for any female athlete: the sports bra. Whatever size you are up front, the last thing you want to do when improving your body image is to stretch or damage your breast tissue. This can cause sagging and stretch marks, as well as pain and discomfort.

At GymWear UK, there is a plentiful supply of sports bras to suit your shape and size. So whether you want something lightweight and dainty, or something to keep the girls under control, during a high intensity workout, you will be able to find the perfect sports top for you. What’s more, they’re extremely stylish and come in a wide range of designs and colours too.


Possibly the most exciting piece of gym clothing you can treat yourself too: gym leggings. The selection available nowadays is incredible. High waisted and squat proof workout leggings can be found online at with us at GymWear UK. The selection is enough to excite any fashion fiend, the only problem you may find, is that you’re completely spoilt for choice.

GymWear UK are excellent at finding, not only the best up and coming brands for our workout, but also, the most incredible selection of matching gym clothing. So you can compliment your sports bra and leggings, or leggings and new top with zero effort.


It’s no good looking the part and having a great workout if you’re not going to look after your body and your muscles. This is why we have put a hoodie as your third item on your wish list. Even if you only wear your hoodie for warming up and down, and getting to and from your place of exercise, it is vital to keep your muscles warm, especially during these colder months.

So whether you prefer a fitted jacket, cropped fleece or stretch hoodie, you can find the perfect women's gym wear online.

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