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Negative Effects Of Too Much Sugar

Natural sugars can be found in many whole foods, including fruits, dairy products and grains. These natural sugars can be broken down slowly, supplying the body with energy. However, We have all heard the rumours that sugar is no good for us in high quantities, but do we truly know the negative effects it can have on our body?


Added sugar has zero nutritional benefit for our body, in fact, it is the very opposite. Other than sweetening the taste of our food, processed sugar does nothing for us. Sugar can be addictive and leaves us craving more and more of the sweet stuff when we have a sugar crash. The more we eat, the more we crave; it's a viscous circle. This over eating of sugar can lead to weight gain if we don't cut calories elsewhere, or increase our exercise.

Obesity can lead to serious disease, such as diabetes or cancer, to name only a couple. What we eat, can literally affect our life expectancy, as well as our quality of life. It sounds extreme, but just an extra can of fizz each day can destroy your health.

Poor Sleep

Excess sugar consumption can affect our every day. It can affect the length and quality of our sleep. When we consume too much sugar, our glucose levels are affected, causing spikes and crashes  with our energy levels. This can make you feel sleepy, after your sugar levels have worn off during the day, or energised before going to bed. In addition to this it can be difficult to stay in a deep sleep. It is important we get a good balance of REM, deep and light sleep to ensure we feel refreshed when we wake. Our diet plays an important role in this.

Mental Health

Lack of sleep, varying blood sugar levels and fluctuating hormones are the main reasons that your mental health can be heavily affected by an unhealthy diet. Surveys have suggested that more sugar consumed by individuals, can increase the risk of mental health  by 23%. Anxiety and depression can be triggered by a variety of things, but keeping a healthy body, can aid a healthy mind.


Too much sugar can destroy your youthful appearance and your biological clock. It has been proven that your diet can affect your cells. This can lead to aged skin and more serious conditions, such as diabetes. Research suggests that an additional 20 ounces of fizzy drinks per day can add 4 years to the age of your cells.

By controlling your sugar intake and your diet you can improve every aspect of your life. From your physical health to your mental well being, confidence, sleep, body image and more. In addition to this, a regular exercise plan can also benefit your life in many ways.

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