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Fitness Trends in 2019

The world of fitness is forever changing, with developing fashions, to workout crazes. The great thing with these changing trends is that it keeps our workout interesting and varied year upon year. There's always something new to try, to modify, and always something to suit every need. Find out the trendiest workouts of this year, below.

Streaming Fitness

With us all being so technology based nowadays, it really is no surprise that streaming is rapidly becoming one of the trendiest ways to work out. The beauty of this is that all workouts are accessible anywhere at any time. All you need is your smart phone, space and time. Your app can remind you to do the workout, when to workout and always comes with a great variety of options. In addition to this, it can also incorporate nutrition advice and motivational groups to keep you going, in a similar, but perhaps more personalised, way to the gym. Keep an eye out for free 15-30 day trials, allowing you to find something for your taste.

Short Workouts

It seems the days of 2 hour gym sessions are a thing of the past, woohoo! It is now commonly recognised that you can achieve your results in a much shorter time than what we used to believe. Workouts such as HIIT and FIIT are as popular as ever, for this very reason. The great news here is that, not only does it take less of your day to fit your workout in, it also means you are less likely to skip your gym class.


From power yoga, to hot yoga, Hatha to Ashtanga, it seems that this ancient tradition is going from strength to strength in the popularity competition. People are realising more and more, the benefits that yoga can have on the body and the mind, without risking joints in the same way as high intensity workouts do. Although yoga has been around for centuries, it is no longer perceived as an 'old lady' workout. From boxers to football stars, runners to dancers and everyone in between, are reaping the multiple benefits it offers.

Personal Training

People seem happier than ever to invest their time and money into workouts which are bespoke to them. Perhaps due to time constraints and more sedentary lifestyles, it seems that a personalised workout with a motivational professional is the way forward.

Keeping your body and mind fit, is one of the most important things in our world. By making workouts fun and varied, we are giving ourselves the best possible chance of continued success. You could always treat yourself to some new gym attire too. Visit and view Fitness Trends in 2019.


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