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Personal Training – Is It Worth It?

All the celebrities have them, most local gyms offer them, but are personal trainers really worth their price tag and reputation?


Many of us start the New Year or Summer with great intentions of a new fitness regime, diet or weight loss plan. However, as the weeks and months progress, boredom kicks in, or life takes over. It can be easy to fall off the bandwagon, and slip back into old habits. Having a personal trainer helps to kick start us again and encourages us to not skip a workout as we have made a commitment to attend.


If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got; sound familiar? The truth is exactly that though. You will hit a point during any workout when your results will slow and likely even stop. We can mix our workouts up, but often we stagnate and don't have the professional knowledge to know how to up the ante. A personal trainer can help to keep our workouts fresh, exciting and effective. In addition to this, they can help to push you harder than you would perhaps push by yourself.


There may be something which you have been doing wrong for years, and you don't even know. Not only does this put you at risk of injury, doing your exercises correctly ensures you will get the maximum results. For example, a simple crunch without pulling your tummy down can create a bulge in your tummy as opposed to create your flat stomach; the simplest of changes can make all the difference.

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The personal part of a personal trainer is the best bit. Ensure they are helping you to set and achieve your goals. You can set your time limits, budget and make each session work for you. Personal trainers can also help you to know if your goals are realistic.


Often personal trainers can offer advice on nutrition and clothing, as well as workouts. You can improve every aspect of your well being with the correct guidance. That said, you may not need regular sessions for a long period of time if you have good self motivation, but you could use a personal trainer to give you ideas, correct you and guide you, and then go alone for a few weeks, until you're ready for a change again.

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