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FKN Gym Wear

FKN Gym Wear was founded in 2011. The company was created at a computer, by a weight lifter. The plan: to create himself an original shirt stating that he loves to lift. From here, the very first FKN Lift logo was designed, and printed onto a top to be sported for training before the 2010 Australian Fitness Expo.

This infamous logo and shirt got noticed by Dorian Yates at the Fitness Expo, and he requested for the same shirt to be sent to him. This was the beginning. From here FKN Lift & FKN Gym Wear has gone from strength to strength.

FKN Lift, as you would imagine, was initially created for people who (FKN) love to lift. However, by 2013, FKN Gym Wear had expanded to a fitness brand stocking a much larger range of leisure wear. The company then went from strength to strength, and now sponsors famous athletes in Australia and ships to over 20 countries around the world. The beginning, although only 6 years ago, is a distant memory as far as style, range and supply is concerned.

Any athletic professional has most probably heard of FKN Gym Wear. What's more, FKN Gym Wear is not only for the professionals. The style of the pieces and the quality of material and manufacture makes the clothing range good enough for any competitive athlete. However, the price tag makes FKN gym clothing accessible for all fitness fanatics. So whether you're competing on a track, lifting in a gym, or hiding at the back of your spin class, there is an item that is perfect for you.

Wearers of FKN clothing are given an opportunity to express their personality. The printed wording has an element of fun and joviality to it. It also shows confidence and passion, with phrases such as #BossGirl and FKN Squat included on t-shirts.

The range of clothing is extended to both men and women, in a whole host of different colours and designs. From cropped tops and cropped leggings to fitted tees and hot pants for girls, and sleeveless tops, shorts and caps. One thing all FKN wear has in common though, it is undeniably sexy. So prepare to be noticed during your work out if you are sporting any of this high quality gear.

Gym Wear is a trusted supplier of an exquisite range of FKN clothing. The Gym Wear website allows you to view the items being worn, and  from different angles, making your purchase easier and more enjoyable. Pricing is extremely competitive and you can also benefit from the very generous free delivery offered on all order over £30.

In addition to this, Gym Wear ensures you have the flexibility to send any item back if you are not 100% happy with your purchase. So what are you waiting for? Show your style, personality and sense of humour to the world with your new FKN Gym Wear.


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