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Gym Wear Through The Decades

In recent years, gym wear has gone from being something you simply wear to an exercise class or to the gym, to a fashion must-have. People are seen doing their shopping or out on the school run in their favourite gym wear, and not just because they are on their way to or from a workout.

Gym wear, such as yoga pants, sneakers and vest tops, have become a staple item in almost every wardrobe, and for good reason. Not only are they extremely comfortable, but they are also now extremely fashionable. So if you can look good and feel good during your everyday activities, why would you choose not to?

However, it hasn't always been this way; gym wear used to be something that was only suitable for your work out, and not something you would ever brave being seen elsewhere in. In fairness, gym wear has needed to evolve to suit the change in activity which we have seen over the past decades.


High, elasticated waisted shorts were all the rage for women in the 1970s, with loose fitting legs. This gym wear was great for keeping cool during those high intensity workouts, and gave the ladies a fine chance to show off their toned pins.


By the 1980s, gym wear was all bright colours and flamboyant prints. The 1980s welcomed leotards, leg warmers and tights. This fashion trend is certainly one to be remembered, and it was during a time of a fitness revamp, as aerobics and group fitness became extremely popular.


The 1990s welcomed the infamous tracksuit. Tracksuits were the gym wear of choice, and this is perhaps, when gym wear began to creep into our mainstream wardrobes. Gym wear brands, such as Kappa, Adidas (with their 3 stripe logo) and Nike were the main players in the market place.


Gym wear such as yoga pants, and sleeker styles hit the trends in the new millennium, and it is these styles which are still proving popular today. In fact, if anything, these have grown in popularity as the years have advanced. From three quarter length to full length leggings, and fitted shorts, the variety of gym wear available in the 00s and beyond has increased dramatically.

Present Date

Gym wear fashion is still very similar to that in the 00's, however there have still been some fantastic transformations over the recent years. With more breathable and fast drying fabrics becoming a vital part of any gym attire, comfort has never been greater than what it is now. In addition to this, there is more emphasis placed on support than ever before, so you can rest assured, that with the correct gym wear, you'll look great, feel great and prevent anything heading South, that shouldn't be.

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