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How Important Is Appropriate Gym Wear?

Gym wear has become a huge part of the fashion industry over recent years. However, despite the mum's at the school gate rocking those yoga pants because they're comfy, and the lads at the bar in their tracksuit bottoms because it's cold, appropriate gym wear is actually a lot more important than that.

Over recent years, gym wear has been transformed to offer us more comfort and support than ever before. As we learn more about our anatomy and what we need to succeed at our preferred sports, adaptions have been made to our favourite items.

Sports Bras

Although sports bras are not a new phenomenon in gym wear themselves, years ago, it was a one style fits all for whatever workout you are participating in. The reason we require sports bras is to reduce movement, to prevent sagging and stretching of the skin. However, if we are practising yoga, we need to ensure we can still bend in every direction required, whereas if we are running we need something tighter and more supportive.

Not only do we need different sports bras for different activities, we also require different sports bras, depending on our body shape. Somebody with an A or B cup, may feel supported in a T-shirt style sports bra, whereas somebody with a larger bust size may require more support and construction. Advancements in gym wear means that there are now bras to suit each different shape, and it is worth researching which is the right one for you.


Gym shoes are an extremely vital part of your gym wear, and it is no longer a one size fits all either. If you are passionate about a particular sport, then your footwear should reflect your preference. Gym shoes for lifting, need to offer support to your ankles, and do not require cushioning. Flat soles will ensure you are more able to resist the weights.

Running shoes, however, require more cushioning to support your joints when you run. Recent research has proven that we all run differently and so your running shoes need to support your own individual style. It is important to research which shoes you require before investing in your gym wear, to prevent injury.

Other exercises, such as spinning, dance and tennis require different gym wear again. Generally, these shoes will be more lightweight, and have different grip, depending on the sport. This increased footwear helps performance and prevents injury. So although most gym wear does look good, that isn't it's primary feature.


The material used in our gym wear recently, has had a complete overhaul. gym wear now is great at protecting our skin from the suns rays, helps to keep us cool, keep us warm, help to keep us dry and keep us seen. From more breathable fabrics, to new panels, different seams and styles, we have never had so much choice to keep us comfortable during our workouts. Is it really any wonder we are choosing gym wear as our go to fashion pieces, when it offers so much?

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