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Gym Shorts

Gym shorts are a popular item amongst both men and women for a whole range of different workouts. However, finding the perfect pair can be a struggle, and often we require different shorts for different workouts, because they all offer different benefits to each other.

Often women complain of their shorts riding up when they run, or men feel restricted during heavy lifting sessions. Having the correct gym shorts, and gym wear in general, will help to make your workout less painful and more comfortable.

gym shorts


As a general rule of thumb, for a fast-paced workout, you will require shorter shorts. 4 inch shorts are ideal for running, as it avoids chaffing when running, without having too much material getting in the way. Chaffing can cause discomfort, and affect your workout. Too much material can cause discomfort and in fact, slow you down.

On the flip side, if you are in the gym doing dead lifts and squats, a pair of 4 inch shorts may perhaps display a little more than you bargained for. Also, with less material, you may risk tearing the material. Therefore, 9 inch shorts are a much more suitable length for this kind of activity.

Compression Shorts

Compression shorts prevent your clothing from riding up, perfect for cycling or stretching. You can get compression shorts, or shorts with lining, if you prefer to avoid the 'lycra look'.

If you are performing an activity such as yoga, you would need to ensure your shorts were fitted, to ensure there are no gaps for viewing too much. You would also need to ensure your shorts are stretchy, so that your gym wear doesn't affect your workout. Our clothing should only ever support and aid our workout, it should never hinder.

gym shorts


When choosing your gym shorts, ensure they are wicker material to help to keep your sweat away from your skin, to avoid rashes and to help with temperature control. Some shorts are not made from breathable materials, and this will affect your workout experience negatively. So not only do you need the right style of shorts, at the correct length, be picky about the material too.


It is important you are confident in the clothes you wear to your workout, so ensure you find a style and colour to suit your personal taste too. Having shorts which you love can help to motivate you to go for that workout during warmer seasons, as opposed to avoiding it, so make the investment, and prepare yourself for the long Summer ahead.

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