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Gym Wear for The Darker Evenings

The days are getting shorter, the nights longer and our daylight hours to get out exercising are being dramatically reduced week by week. What with work and general life, it’s not always possible to get out in the daylight, however, we need to ensure we are still exercising, and more importantly, we need to ensure we are exercising safely.

For this year, gone are the days of our after work runs, or early morning boot camps at the park. We need to plan our workouts more carefully, using more well-lit areas and adapting our gym wear to suit.


Warmth and visibility are both essential for comfort and safety when running in the dark or the dimmer light. We need to ensure we are visible to drivers for their benefit as much as ours. We need to also ensure our vision is maximised as much as possible. Bright, fluorescent clothing, reflective items and lights are all great ways to give you the best possible chance of being seen, and therefore being safe.


Reflective clothing, reflective lights on bikes, reflectors on footwear, arm bands and ankle bands are all great ways to be seen in the dark. Drivers aren’t looking for runners and cyclists when driving home from work, and by wearing reflective wear, we are making ourselves stand out.

Reflective accessories are a great option for you to be able to wear any gym leggings, ensuring you can have something warm, comfortable and suitable for your specific needs and tastes, such as Combat Dollies cheat day fitness leggings, Pursue Fitness afterglow seamless leggings or Famme high waisted gym leggings. All of these are great options to keep you warm. Keeping your muscles warm during these colder months, helps to prevent muscle soreness. It takes longer to warm up, and we need to spend more time stretching during these colder months to prevent injury and aches; warm clothing helps too.



Avoid wearing dark colours, such as blacks and dark greys, as these are always harder to spot, whatever the weather. Wearing white is a great option, as you will stand out against the dark trees and vehicles, or alternatively, wear bright reds, oranges, yellows and pinks to stay visible. Again, the Pursue Fitness Afterglow range has some great gym leggings available in bright coloured options, available for you to choose from, with matching and complimentary sports tops available too.

These bright colours are great for cyclists, and white top layers are great for runners and walkers.


Wear or carry lights where possible. Lights on a bike are a no brainer, but you can also invest in flashing light arm bands and head torches too. Alternatively, carry a torch with you. Head torches are a great option for walkers or runners to light the way, as it keeps hands free in case of a fall, whilst still illuminating the path and the way ahead. Again, it is another way of making you more visible to other road users. There’s a huge range available to suit varying tastes and requirements, so read up on reviews and try some out if possible, before making an investment. Different options are preferable to different users, make sure you have the right option for you.


Lose the Music

Keep your headphones out for your darker workouts. As much as music can help to motivate and inspire us, it isn’t worth the risk of our health. When our sight is limited, we rely upon our other senses even more, with our hearing being the next most important for awareness. We can hear traffic and people approaching, keeping us more aware, and therefore keeping us safer.



Where possible, try to exercise with a friend or friends. There is safety in numbers. If you are to fall or injure yourself in the dark, you could be left without being seen for a while. However, with back up, you can reach safety. Also, the more of you there are, the easier you are to be seen.

Stay Busy

If you can stick to a busier, well-lit area, this is of course a much safer option, making the risk of attack less, as well as improving your vision and improving your chances of being seen if you fall or injure yourself too. Busier, more well populated areas are always preferable, but during darker hours, this is even more preferential.

Don’t Give Up

Whenever circumstances change, even something as simple, as the changing of the clocks or weather, it can have a detrimental effect on your training plan. The ability to be flexible and versatile with your workouts will pay dividends, as you are less likely to give up. Home workouts are also an option, especially nowadays, with more and more gyms and fitness professionals, moving to an online business.

Just keep training, keep safe and keep enjoying what you’re doing. Wherever and whenever you’re working out, ensure you have the correct fitness attire, especially sports bras and footwear, to ensure your body is fully supported. It can be easy to forget your gym wear when your place of exercise changes, but you will suffer if you neglect your wardrobe. Gym clothing is about more than just looking good.

Visit the online experts at for a whole range of sports clothing, suitable for men and women, all year round. From incredible gym leggings to sports tops and accessories, you can find everything you need, delivered direct to your door. Just remember the points above to optimise your safety, and why not treat yourself to something bright and beautiful to keep you not only seen, but also motivated throughout these darker months.


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