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Summer Gym Wear

When the days grow longer, the nights grow brighter and the temperature begins to soar, often so does our willingness to get out and exercise. It is amazing what a bit of Vitamin D can do for our motivation, and amazing what that motivation can do for our results. What we need to ensure, however, is that we are sporting the correct fitness apparel to make our workouts comfortable throughout extreme heats and sweaty workouts. Otherwise, that motivation will soon be running off our back as fast as the sweat beads.

Overheating, dehydration, sun stroke, excess sweat and chaffing, are amongst some of the negative effects we can face when exercising during the warmer months, all made worthwhile, by the feel of the sun on your skin, and the lack of slippery leaves beneath your feet. We have come up with a list of ideal workout clothing to make your exercise as safe and comfortable as possible.

Hat/Head Scarf

Although we need to ensure our headwear isn’t going to add to us overheating, it is a good idea to keep your head covered if you are going to be outdoors and in the sun for a prolonged period of time, to reduce your risk of sunstroke. Sun caps and head scarves are great options to keep you cool and protected, but ensure that the material of these items is light and breathable.

Your sun cap is the finishing touch to your outfit, so make it the right choice for you. Ensure it is easy to wash and ensure you look and feel your best and your most confident when sporting it.



Lightweight sunglasses are a necessity when exercising outdoors in the sun. Squinting will cause headaches, not to mention wrinkles, and can also blur your vision, putting you more at risk of trips or falls. You should also opt for polarised lenses where possible to ensure your eyes are protected from the sun’s rays.


Sports Bra

Sports bras are essential all year round, whatever your shape or size, whatever your exercise regime, age or preference. We need to look after what we have. Not only do we need to ensure we are wearing a sports bra, we need to ensure our sports bras are supportive, breathable and that they are sweat wicking, keeping our body cool and our skin virtually sweat free throughout our workout.

There are so many amazing sports bras on the market, including Famme Tie Dye and Suave designs in a variety of colours, Versa Forma Mode and Postar designs and also seamless options from Workout Empire. Alternatively, if you want something that stands out a little more, giving you the opportunity to lose the sports top, and double your sports bra up as your sports top too, you could opt for a Combat Dollies sports bra; available in an array of colours and designs to suit anyone wanting to stand out from the crowd.

Sports Top

If you do wish to wear a gym top through the Summer, opt for light materials, light colours and loose-fitting designs. Cotton is forbidden, as is black and dark grey. Anything tight fitting is likely to make you feel hotter and also can make it more difficult to keep the sweat away from your skin. Allow air to circulate around your clothing, you’ll be grateful for that breeze.


Forget your insecurities, your legs are capable of so much, and they deserve the freedom of shorts, as a reward for their hard work. Capris and gym leggings are undeniably essential in any gym wardrobe, but so are shorts. Forget cramming your pins into tight fitting leggings, and allow them to soak up the sun too, with well-fitted shorts. You can go for slightly longer, above knee options if you prefer, such as Combat Dollies multi-print cycle shorts, or brave the fitness shorts for a cooler workout. Fight shorts are another option, if you prefer your upper wear to be slightly looser fitting. Choose a pair of shorts which you will be comfortable to be seen in public with. Overheating can really ruin a workout, so it is worth having the correct attire to get you achieving those goals, but it will only work if you know you will have the confidence to wear them.


Socks are of course, essential. They keep our trainers from rubbing, as well as keeping our trainers fresher and odour free through the months of the sweaty feet. Ensure your socks are high enough to prevent chaffing, ankle socks rarely do the job, instead find some sports socks. Try to avoid cotton too, you want your feet to stay as cool as possible.


Properly fitted footwear is one of the most essential items of workout wear, whatever the weather. Protect your joints by being certain that you have the correct support and the correct fit from your footwear. Fancy colours and designs can be fun too, but the difference you’ll notice from a pair of perfect trainers in incomparable.



Hydration packs, drinks bottle’s and running belts are all great options to allow you to take the essentials with you on a Summer workout. Remember you will need to hydrate more regularly, and you may need gels or sugar to keep your energy levels from depleting too. Don’t forget that ever essential sun screen too, to keep you safe from burning and skin damage.


Working out during the Summer can feel heavenly, as long as we do it safely and effectively. We use up our energy stores more quickly when our body works to keep us cool, as well as working to complete the tasks. But don’t allow this to be your excuse to stop, instead, visit and find everything you need to keep cool, fit and stylish throughout the Summer months and beyond. Make the most of the hot weather, but remember to seek out shade and air conditioned spaces if it gets too much.


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