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Best Pre Workout Guide

We all work out for different reasons: mental health, physical health, weight loss and strength training, amongst others. Exercise makes such a difference to who we are, both mentally and physically, but nutrition also plays a huge part, and sometimes we opt for supplements to encourage improved results.

If you’re looking to gain muscle, or sometimes increase stamina, pre-workout supplements are a popular option to help to stimulate your body; encouraging you to work out harder and longer.

Pre-workout supplements, are powder and drink supplements which contain stimulating ingredients, which allow you to get more out of your workout. Ingredients such as caffeine, which is a popular addition to these supplements, often offer immediate effects, allowing you to feel the benefits from your very first workout.

Other popular ingredients include beta alanine, L-Citrulline, creatine and amino acids; these all help to boost your energy levels, endurance and improve your overall workout.

Supplements are available in a wide range of flavours, allowing you to find something that not only works well for you, but that also tastes good. There are many pre-workouts to choose from, making it hard to know which one to opt for when making your purchase. Always be sure to check the ingredients, pricing, ratings and reviews to get the best out of your supplement.


Pre-workouts are typically used by athletes and weightlifters, to enhance performance and prevent fatigue. Endurance, speed, strength, focus and energy are increased by giving a boost of ingredients which react with your hormones. The results are apparent during and after your workout.

These pre-workout supplements are often also filled with vitamins and minerals, keeping your body well fuelled too. We want to reduce the risk of malabsorption, sometimes linked to athletic training.

The best time to take any pre-workout supplement, is about 30 minutes prior to beginning your workout. However, if you work out later on during the day, be mindful that these supplements can interrupt your rest and relaxation, and can severely interfere with your sleep.

It can take about 30 minutes for caffeine to have any effect, so by leaving yourself a minimum of 30 minutes between taking your pre-workout, and working out, you ensure you will be exercising when your energy levels have been boosted.

Below are some of the most recommended products to get you performing to the best of your ability.

Optimum Nutrition Powder


For energy, power and performance, Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Pre-Workout powder is a popular and trusted option. With over 30 years experience, and customers in over 90 countries, confidence can be assured that all production is to the highest of standards.

Naturally sourced caffeine, creatine, citrulline and a selection of B vitamins are included in Optimum Nutrition to increase blood flow to the muscles, increase energy levels, reduce post workout fatigue and leave you working harder for longer.

Flavours include fruit punch, pineapple, apple, pink lemonade and watermelon, leaving you to choose the perfect taste for you.



ABE, All Black Everything, promises to deliver a unique blend of many researched active ingredients, increasing physical performance. Their motto is ‘You can go further and we take you there’, offering the opportunity to maximise your body’s potential.

Muscle power is increased, fatigue and tiredness reduced and focus is continued throughout your training., but you need not just take our word for it; it is tested for and used by athletes, with positive results. It is suggested that you can feel results from this after only 15 minutes of taking too, which is great if you head out soon after you wake.

Flavours of ABE include: bubblegum crush, candy ice blast, cherry cola, energy flavour, fruit punch, gin and tonic, icy blue raz, sour apple, sour gummy bear and tropical.



If you’re looking for a hardcore pre-workout supplement, then Demon is the answer. With ingredients including l-glutamine, beta-alanine, creating and l-taurine, amongst many others, you will find lifting, running and any workout easier to complete, without muscle fatigue.

The berry flavour has been described as ‘delicious’, with some even stating that the flavour wakes you up before the ingredients even have a chance to take effect.

The pre-workout comes ready to mix with water, as many others do, with reviews stating that this mix is less ‘clumpy’ than others, when making up.

The flavours are also available in a blue raspberry flavour, which comes highly recommended, as well as tropical twist. All flavours are low in calories and vegan and vegetarian friendly.

Many pre-workout supplements do react with people in different ways. You may find what works well for you, does not work so well for someone else, and vice versa. All of the above pre-workouts have been tested and certified for safety and quality purposes, but it is still a good idea to consult your doctor or health physician before taking supplements. It is also worth not giving up if your first attempt isn’t successful; try something different, to see if the effects are improved. Once you find your perfect pre-workout, stick with it; if it works, don’t change it.

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