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Many of us strive to be fit and healthy, but sometimes our lifestyle can get in the way and lead us to leave our good intentions behind, before we've even seen any positive results. The key to a healthy lifestyle is to change the small things. Put these together and they become big things, literally life changing. So what can you do to make yourself healthier, happier and more confident in your own health?


Staying hydrated is crucial for good health. Ensure you always have a glass or bottle of water to hand to encourage you to sip regularly throughout the day. Ensure you begin hydrating first thing in the morning too, to kick start your digestive system, preparing it for the day ahead. Not only does hydration help with digestion, meaning it can improve our metabolic rate, it also helps to keep our skin clear and fresh, our eyes fresh and improves alertness and performance.

Get Moving

Go for a walk before work, or on your lunch break. By moving regularly, even as something as simple as walking, you keep your muscles strong, improve your metabolic rate, burn calories, and it is great for the mind too. Fresh air and time away from your desk is vital to your brain function, meaning you will feel refreshed once you return. There are no health benefits to working through your lunch.

Go Outside

By taking a trip to the beach or a walk in the park, you are increasing your vitamin D levels. Many people who work indoors, suffer with lack of vitamin D. A lack of this vitamin can weaken your immune system and affect your mood, so be kind to yourself and give yourself what you need: sunshine and fresh air.


When looking at your meal, count colours, not calories. By ensuring you are eating a variety of colours of food, you will ensure your body is getting a great range of nutrients. This helps to improve sports performance, improve muscle recovery, and also aids weight loss.

Book It In

Pre book your workout, and pay in advance, to give yourself that extra kick to get out the door for your workouts. Without pre-planning and pre-booking it's far too easy to let the day run away with you and allow your workout to not even get started. Book in with your trainer or a local class, and commit yourself to going in advance.


As easy as it is to skip a workout, it is also easy to miss out on hours of sleep over the week. Half an hour here or there seems like no big deal, but over a period of time, it can affect so much. Sleep deprivation affects our hormones and can therefore affect our mood and performance. Lack of sleep can also affect our weight and metabolism, making it harder to lose or maintain weight.

These healthy habits are relatively easy to follow if you prioritise them. They will soon become second nature. In addition to this, look at your life and see what changes you need to make. If you find that you're consuming 10 cups of coffee per day, why not make a conscious effort to cut it down to 6, for now. You can do the same with snacks, try halving the amount of sugar you have, if you're having too much, or alcohol. Small steps lead to huge results, so start your journey to be the very best you can be.

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