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Top Body Toning Exercises

Often people obsess over the number they see on the scales, and stress and diet to lose weight to improve the look of their body, when what they really need is to tone up. Strong is the new sexy. Skinny doesn't cut it any more; who wants to look small and weak, when you could look trim and toned? Sure, a healthy diet is vital to earning your perfect figure, but you still need to live and you can still enjoy your food and drink.

We have compiled some of the top exercise moves, which are low impact, and should show effect within the first month if done regularly. Try for yourself and enjoy the rewards.


Get into press up position, keep your hips tucked and tummy pulled in. You can rest on your forearms if you struggle with your wrists, and if it's too much, drop your knees, but keep your hips tucked.

Holding plank position is excellent for toning your core, upper and lower body. Shoulders, thighs, tummy, back: it all gets a workout in a static plank, and can increase your metabolism too. Do 2 x 2 minute planks if possible for 6 days, and then see if you can advance to 2 x 3 minute planks for the second week. If this is too much, break up the session into smaller time chunks.


Bring your legs slightly wider than hip width, toes slightly turned out. Bend your knees, then straighten, moving slowly to maximise results.

Squat position works large muscle groups, making it another great exercise for fat burning. Squatting is also a great way to tone and strengthen the buttocks, hips and thighs.

Do 2 minutes of squats per day for 6 days, and then increase this to 3 minutes for week 2. Remember to go slow and deep.

Push Ups

Get into plank position, with optional knee drop as above, and bend your arms to lower your face to the floor, and lift. Keep your hips tucked and your tummy pulled in, and ensure your elbows come out at about a 45 degree angle.

Push ups can help to strengthen the core, and also help to tone and strengthen your arms, triceps, chest and shoulders. Due to these muscles being relatively small, results can be seen more quickly.

Begin week one with 1 minute of push ups for 6 days, and then increase to 3 minutes on week 2.

Abs Workout

Lay on your back and lift your legs so that your shins are parallel to the ceiling, knees at a 45 degree angle. Lift into a basic crunch, reaching your arms towards your legs. Then lower, and repeat.

This workout strengthens the abdominal muscles and hip flexors, also increasing flexibility and agility.

For week 1, complete 2 minutes of this exercise, and increase it to 3 minutes for week 2.

You can build up to these exercises if needs be, but when you progress to regularly doing this, you will see and feel the results.

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