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How Should Gym Leggings Fit?

I bet there is a very strong chance that you own a pair of leggings. There is a very strong likelihood that you own a pair of gym leggings, in fact, perhaps multiple pairs.

Athleisure, and in particular, gym leggings, have taken the world by storm. From varying styles, colours and designs, for varying tasks and activities, gym leggings are frequently our go to clothing item for all kinds of workouts and pastimes. The result of this is that every high street store now claims to provide you with workout clothes. However, not all are fit for purpose, and not all offer the level of comfort and support which we desire. So how do we know which gym leggings we should choose, and how they should fit?

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There are a few categories we need to take into consideration when making this kind of purchase. We need to ensure the durability of the items, and the quality of the product. Cost can also, often play a factor. We need to decide what we want the gym leggings for: a variety of activities, or a specific independent need? We also need to think about our own personal preferences with regards to style.


Have you ever bought a cheap pair of leggings? They are quite possibly one of the most horrific items you could ever own. They’re not only see-through and last only a few washes before becoming completely redundant, but they are also not fit for any purpose. You sit down, they ride down. You run, they fall down. You stretch, they expose you. They are a distraction for you and anyone who happens to be around you during your wearing of this inappropriate clothing. I have been a victim to cheap gym leggings before, and I can honestly say, they ruined my workout. Therefore, good quality leggings will instantly improve the fit of your items. You want to feel comfortable and supported in your gym leggings, without the risk of them becoming see through when you squat, or them not having enough compression materials to support your muscles and joints and stay put. Sweat wicking and breathable materials are also important, however this is more for temperature control and comfort, and won’t affect the way the workout wear fits.


How tight do you want your gym leggings? A lot of the answer to this depends on what you are using your workout wear for, and personal preference. For example, some yogis prefer a slightly less tight legging, to ensure they can reach maximum stretch without the waist band being too tight around your waist. Others prefer a strong compression to ensure the clothing doesn’t move. The compression should, ideally, be strong but comfortable. This ‘comfortable’ can vary from person to person.

The ‘tight’ feeling of compression doesn’t prevent you from moving or breathing comfortably. It feels like a second skin, a strong hold. It feels as though your muscles are being supported and protected, and this is exactly what is happening. When you invest in high quality compression gym wear, the materials have the elasticity to adjust with your body as you move. This compression helps your muscles when you work out, by improving blood circulation. This results in reduced muscle fatigue and reduced onset of doms (delayed onset muscle soreness). It can also aid with muscle recovery, so if you’re already feeling a little sore, it can help to increase your recovery speed. This is especially useful for cardio workouts such as running and cycling, and also for strength training.

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Durability obviously links largely to quality of materials. Compression gym leggings will not lose their fit or compression through washing, wearing or sweating. Seamless leggings can help with this too as the seams are often the weakest part of clothing; these can come apart through excess rubbing and wearing.

Whatever the brand, whatever the price tag, if you have the correct materials, you will have the perfect fit leggings. They will also not become see through when stretched, and they will retain their shape wear after wear.

How Does It Look?

Compression gym leggings hold everything in the right places. This workout wear accentuates your curves, making you look completely amazing. The fit is flattering, as well as comfortable. It is important to ensure you choose the right size, so ask the manufacturer if the brand is true to size, or try before you buy, to ensure maximum comfort and a stunning appearance. Sticking to your usual size is the best way to get the best results. When buying online, measurements are usually given, so ensure you choose the option which you fit into. The correct size makes all the difference. Whatever your body shape, the compression materials work with you to enhance and flatter you. The leggings should require an extra wriggle to get in to for the correct amount of compression, unless you are opting for a slightly looser fitting for an alternative workout.

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