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How to Wash Workout Leggings

Workout leggings earn their share of sweat and mud. They are often worn heavy, frequently and have to undergo the toughest of workouts. They’re stretched and rubbed more than your average piece of clothing, and we don’t want to wear them out by washing them incorrectly. However, we also need to make sure they get suitably clean for their next hardcore workout. We need to ensure we are washing our gym leggings suitably for maximum longevity, without fading and ensuring a good wash is still achieved.

Often gym leggings are in vibrant colours or patterns, and we do not want our leggings to lose this vibrancy. We choose the colours we like when making the purchase, and we want these colours to stay. When we invest in high quality gym wear, we know that they are capable of standing the test of time, we just need the knowledge to give them the care they require.

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Avoid When Washing Gym Leggings

The washing of workout wear is simpler than people imagine. You can still wash them in a washing machine, splitting colours and lights, and varying fabrics as you usually would. It is a good idea to avoid washing these materials with items such as jeans, towels and other heavy-duty fabrics.

It is also good to avoid putting in with any items which contain Velcro or zips, as this can catch on the material and cause pulling or ripping. Ideally, wash with other items of gym clothing and other light materials, such as cotton T-shirts and similar.

Never tumble dry these items either, ensure they are hung out in a roomy area to dry naturally. Once the items are dry, avoid leaving them hanging for longer than required, especially in warm or sunny areas. Heat can be damaging to gym wear because it weakens the fabrics, lessening the effectiveness of the elasticity components. This can change the shape and fit of workout wear, and also it’s functionality.

Gym clothing does not require fabric conditioner, so avoid including fabric conditioner in the wash. The conditioner damages the stretchiness of the material, meaning it won’t fit as well as without the use of conditioner. Fabric conditioner can also limit the sweat wicking qualities of the material, meaning it will not function as well through your tougher workouts. Fabric conditioner also reduces that ‘second skin’ feeling, meaning your clothing will be more likely to ride down, as opposed to move with you.

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Top Tips for Washing Gym Leggings

It is always a good idea to reverse your items of clothing before a wash to encourage the colours to last, so turn your items inside out before placing in the washing machine. Washing clothes causes friction and direct contact which can eventually lead to the wearing and fading of fabrics. By reversing the items you can prolong the life of these materials, meaning your gym leggings will look fresher and brighter for longer. You will still need to separate colours as you usually would do. However, beforehand, it can be a good idea to hand rinse and wash out any mud or grass stains to maximise on the chances of ridding of the stains. You can wash stains in, and then they are near on impossible to get rid of.

When putting into the machine, you are fine to use your usual washing detergent, ideally this will be a liquid detergent for maximum longevity. Ensure there is no fabric conditioner added to your washing, or that your detergent isn’t a two in one. Fabric conditioner is not required when washing workout clothing, as mentioned above.

Once you are fully loaded with clothing and cleaning product, opt for a cool wash on a gentle or normal cycle. Remove the items from the machine as soon as possible after the wash has finished and hang them out to dry. Gym leggings and workout wear can attract a bad smell. If they are left unwashed in your gym bag, or left in the washing machine for too long after a wash, they can smell damp and disgusting.

It can also be a good idea to tie the string of your gym leggings before putting them into the washing machine, otherwise they can work their way loose and come free from the waistband; rethreading is an unnecessary nightmare!

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Make it Simple

Life is busy and complicated enough, we do not need to complicate it further. Washing gym wear isn’t as worrying or damaging for the materials as we are led to believe, as long as we stick to the above guidelines to play it safe. It really is just a case of using your common sense. Also, it can help to wash your gym clothing very soon after wear, as opposed to leaving it in the wash bin for an extended period. When we wash the clothing straight away, it helps the odours to be eliminated, leaving our luscious gym leggings smelling as wonderful as they look. If you do struggle to get rid of the smell of sweat from your gym wear, you can add scented granules to add that feeling of freshness, leaving your items with a long lasting, pleasant fragrance.


Ensure you always check the label of any of your gym leggings if you are unsure of what to do. But as a general rule, wash items at 30 with liquid detergent, inside out, and do not tumble dry. This should be enough to keep your quality gym clothing fresh and wonderful, leaving you with enough energy and effort for your next sweaty workout.

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