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Keeping Cool For Summer Workouts

We spend our Winter waiting for the rain to stop, the snow to melt and wanting the temperatures to rise to make it easier to make a workout. We then reach the high temperatures of Summer and long for temperatures to drop to allow us to make our workout. However, we can keep exercising throughout the Seasons, allowing us optimal fitness all year round. We just need to adjust to the Seasons to keep us in fine health. Read below for our top tips to keep cool throughout this beautiful Summer.

Time Your Workout

You are best to make your workout at the beginning or the end of the day, to avoid the extreme temperatures which occur in between. You could try finding shade or an air conditioned gym to workout in too, making your workout more comfortable. Raised body temperature gives us feelings of fatigue, so keeping cool will benefit your body and your workout.

New Gym Wear

Help your body to keep cool with the latest in fitness clothing. Breathable fabrics for gym wear really help to keep you cool. Also, ensure your gym wear keeps moisture from your body to prevent chaffing from sweaty material when into your workout. Also, ensure our head is covered with a sports cap, if you are going to be exercising in the sun during hot periods. Some materials even offer UV protection, making sun protection a little easier.


Obviously, you lose a lot more water when working out during Summer. Keep yourself hydrated, to prevent dehydration issues. Why not half fill a water bottle with water and freeze it, before filling the rest with water before heading out. Cold water will help to keep your body temperature down.

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