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Boost Your Metabolism

Many things can affect our metabolism: our age, genes, diet and activity levels. While we can't change some of these factors, we still do have some control over our metabolic rate. Learn how to boost yours below:-

Mix Up Your Workout

Instead of spending hours every week in the gym, doing the same workout over and over, mix up your training plan. Your body gets used to a workout and weight loss and muscle production halts. Train HIIT style; hard cardio, such as short, fast sprints, are a great way to increase metabolism. Also switch this HIIT training up with weight training workouts to increase muscle mass and boost metabolism for many extra hours.


We know you've heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and the reason is that eating first thing, wakes your metabolism. By simply eating breakfast, you encourage your body to burn more calories throughout the rest of the day. Research suggests that eating high fat breakfast choices can encourage more fat burning than a standard bowl of cereal.


It sounds simple, but drinking water helps to keep our digestive system working efficiently. Keeping yourself suitably hydrated can improve your metabolic rate by 30%, so keep sipping your water, regularly, throughout the day for maximum calorie burning.

Be Active

It is all well and good exercising 5 times per week, but if you spend the rest of the time, stationary at your desk, you won't be getting the most out of your workout. A brief stroll after a meal maximises calorie burning, more than a longer walk at other times. Fidgeting and pacing are also great for changing your body shape and size, so regular computer breaks and small strolls will benefit you in all the right ways.


Traditional, English tea is a great way to build your metabolism. Black tea is better than white, but either can improve your fat burning rate. Tea is a rich source of probiotics, helping bacteria be broken down in the gut, burning fat. Contrary to the lattes which are currently on trend, which are rich in calories, and often, sugar.

Try these top metabolism boosting tips and enjoy the benefits they bring you, without having to change your life. Often, it's the small changes which make the big difference.

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