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Walking For Weight Loss

Walking is quite possibly the simplest, most accessible exercise for all. It is a great exercise which can be incorporated into your every day life, at any time. Making small changes, such as walking more frequently and at a faster pace can positively impact your health, fitness, weight and mind. Walking burns calories, therefore, walking can assist with weight loss.

It is recommended that an adult walks 10,000 steps, around 5 miles per day. This has become a more well known fact recently, with fitness trackers flying off the shelves, and people are starting to realise the benefits that walking can bring. However, with the average amount of steps being about half that, we still have a long way to go with improving our fitness as a nation. But you can improve yours today.

Why Is Walking So Good?

Walking is a great exercise because it is low impact, meaning very low risk of injury or strain compared to other exercises. Also, it is a great way to exercise without causing exhaustion. Therefore, you are able to walk further relatively easily, without necessarily having to train, unlike learning to play a sport or run. Most of us are able to walk, we just need to do more of it.

If you increase your walking distance by 1 mile each day, it is expected that you can burn an extra 100 calories per day. Over the week, that really adds up, and averages one pound of weight loss every five weeks. If you want more weight loss, up the distance.

Fat Burning

Walking is great for fat burning, due to the fact that it is low intensity, you remain in your fat burning zone, as opposed to your cardio zone. This means that your body uses your fat stores for it's energy, as opposed to using your glycogen and glucose stores. This form of exercise is great for ridding of that 'dangerous fat', which we tend to hold onto around our middle sections.


Walking is excellent for your mind. When we walk, we are offered the opportunity to switch off from the world, and enjoy our surroundings. We are not rushing around, and we are in the fresh air, which is great for stress relief. In addition to this, it can decrease anxiety and depression symptoms, improve memory, increase brain size and it is even suggested that it can increase your life span.

Get Started

Small changes make a big difference. Start walking more today, by taking a 10 minute walk and notice the difference in the way you feel. You can increase the time and distance each week. Eventually your walking will become habit and it will require less willpower after a certain amount of time, and once you see more success, the willpower required will decrease further.

So start today, walk your way to a fitter, healthier, happier you.

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