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Seasonal Gym Wear

Blue skies and warmer days are upon us and it is clear to see that Summer is on it's way. With the Summer comes lighter evenings, meaning more time for outdoor workouts. It also brings the perfect excuse for shopping for new gym wear.

The essentials are still the same, but during Summer there is even more importance placed upon investing in breathable materials. Keeping your body as cool as possible will make your workout feel easier, and the correct clothing will also ensure your sweat is quickly absorbed away from your skin. This will help to prevent any irritating heat or friction rashes, or outbreaks of body acne.

Inner Layers

Inner layers, such as sports bra, knickers, and socks are best if they are tight fitting to prevent chaffing and rubbing. Socks are always a good idea for workouts to prevent your workout shoes from getting smelly, but athletic socks in the Summer are a great investment. They not only protect your shoes, but also your feet from rubbing against your footwear. Ensure they are high enough to prevent chaffing. Blisters aren't pleasant for anyone.

Outer Layers

Purchase outer layers with more free-flowing cuts, as opposed to items that fit tightly to your body. This enables heat to escape and sweat to be absorbed away from your skin. You are also best to avoid dark colours when working out outside as these will absorb the sun's heat. Instead, this is the perfect opportunity to opt for lighter, brighter colours which will help to keep you looking and feeling cool.

Avoid Cotton

As comfortable as your old cotton T-shirt may be, it is not ideal gym wear for a hot workout. Ideally, you will opt for a fast drying, wicking fabric to allow air to circulate and your skin to breathe. The latest fashions also include mesh inserts, which are incredibly practical, as well as extremely trendy.

Check The Seams

Seamless attire is best, although often pricey. Another option is to ensure you find gym wear with protected seams, meaning the seams will not irritate your skin because they will be flat into the material. This is important all year round, however with the extra sweat of the Summer season, skin can be more sensitive because of the extra sweating.

Stay Protected

Good old fashioned sun factor is obviously a must, but it's also important to keep your head and eyes covered with a well fitted sun hat and pair of sunglasses. Ensure they are comfortable and secure, so as not to hinder your workout. You can also find fabrics with built-in UVA and UVB protection to help keep your skin protected.


It's easier to dehydrate in the Summer due to excess sweating, so ensure you are taking on extra liquids to replace what you are losing. You could invest in a hydration pack to carry on your back, or a water bottle that is easily transported to encourage regular sipping.

Why not browse the collection and see what takes your fancy! Or, you can read our blog on making the most of your gym wear with attitude!


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