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Speed Training

We all train for different reasons, some for the head space, some for the weight management, others for the thrill and competition of it. Whether you're a sprinter, long distance cyclist, or anything in between, we have ways in which to train to make us faster, stronger or leaner. This article is going to focus, specifically, on how we can improve our speed during our preferred sport.

Agility and Endurance

To be able to perform at a high speed, agility is vital. Agility is the ability to change direction, stop and start again. This is especially effective in sports, such as football and tennis.

In addition to agility, athletes also require endurance to be able to compete at high speed. This endurance is to ensure an athlete can keep going at a high speed for a required amount of time. If playing a sport, there may be rest periods, but for competitive races, often the endurance aspect is vital, to be able to continue without stopping.


Often people will run at a constant speed and hope that over time their speed will increase. Whilst this may be true to a degree, there are much more efficient ways to improve speed training. Short, sharp sprints with a short recovery periods is a great way to increase your speed. By moving and accelerating faster, your fast twitch muscle fibres are improved. This will help to increase speed.

Another great way to increase speed is hill training. Find a short, steep hill to sprint up, walk down and repeat continually for as long as you feel able. Both of these forms will see results in your speed very quickly.

Finally, as well as sprints and hills, try to attempt one longer distance run each week, at a more comfortable speed. Eventually, you will see these results combine to improve your race time, fitness and stamina.

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