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Tennis For Beginners

With Tennis season upon us, and Wimbledon just around the corner, it seems the perfect time to get on trend and get involved with the game. Tennis is a great way to get fit, improve speed and coordination, as well as being a great fun, competitive sport. In case you have not so much as picked up a Tennis racquet since those days of PE, we have compiled some top tips for any Djokovic wannabes out there.


One of the most vital components to being a great Tennis player is mobility. Mobility is the ability to be able to move quickly and easily to get to where the ball is, and thankfully, it is easily improved with training and practice.

To improve mobility, it is important to become as agile and flexible as possible. Work on stretching out your muscles several times per day, every day. By stretching and improving our flexibility, mobility will follow, improving your match performance and efficiency.


Having the right tennis racquet is vital for playing your top game. When purchasing your racquet, speak to the expert sales assistant to ensure your racquet is the correct one for you. They can check that the racquet suits your body size and grip, and also ensure it is the correct weight for you.


Tennis is a fast paced game, which requires great hand-eye co-ordination, speed and precision. It is a game, like many, which requires a lot of practice and concentration. Focus is a vital element of improving your game. Take a moment to calm your mind and focus on the game before you strike your first ball. Visualisation is a great method to improve your mindset and get you psyched up for a match, or even for a good rally.


Nothing can teach you better than a professional. Tips such as ensuring you hit the ball at waist height and guidance on foot work can work wonders for improving your form and accuracy of hits. Then practice what you are taught, repeatedly.

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