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Sports bras: we know we need one, we most likely have some, they're a fun item for coordinating with your latest colour of gym leggings, or sports top. We know we need support for our girls, some more than others, depending on our size, or shape, and depending on the intensity of our workout. However, the level of importance of our sports bras, is often overlooked.

Often, we stick with our trusty old sports bras, which have been through cup sizes with us, varying clothes sizes, multiple washes, and we are left exercising without adequate support. While this may not seem like such a big deal, I mean anything is better than nothing, right, we are putting our workout and our body in jeopardy.


Research has shown, that wearing a sports bra which doesn't give the correct support, can slow down our running time. Extra bounce from our bust can affect our stride by as much as 4cm per stride, making it take us longer to make up ground. For all our training efforts, the last thing we want is our time being affected by something as simple as an ill fitting bra.


Obviously, extra bounce and ill-fitting sports bras, can also lead to damage to our body. There is evidence to suggest that it damages the tissue in our breasts, leading to sagging and stretch marks. In addition to this, it can also cause injury, putting extra pressure on our backs, shoulders and necks. Again, when we spend so many hours trying to keep our body in top condition, we don't want to be causing more damage than good by not having the appropriate sports wear.


So how do we know what we need? The easiest way, is to measure ourselves, the same way as when we are shopping for any other bra. Sports bras are under a lot more pressure than your every day items, so it is well worth getting the perfect fit.

Wear a simple, comfortable bra, without underwire, which doesn't change the shape or size of your breasts. Measure around the bottom of your bust with a measuring tape (or string if easier), and round to the nearest whole number. Add four to any even number and five to any odd number to discover your band size.

Next, measure around the largest part of your bust, and subtract the band size from the cup measurement. Each inch represents a cup, so 1 inch difference is an A, 2 inches is a B, etc. There you have your bra size.


You can now treat yourself to a brand new sports bra or two, knowing that it really is for your own good. And if sports brands have their sports bras in sizes small, medium, etc, then check their sizing guides before you buy to ensure the best fit and best support.

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