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It's All In Your Head - Fitness Motivation

You can do it. Anything you want to do, you can do it. The hardest part of achieving anything is telling yourself that you can do it, and believing in yourself. Any goal can be met with the right mindset, willpower and practice. So whether you want to run a marathon, sail the world, lose weight or something else, you can do it, just believe.

The Mind

Our mind is the strongest part of us. It can make or break us, and we need to be aware of what an impact our own voice has on our mind and body. We're often so used to telling ourselves that we're too fat, too slow, not fit enough or fast enough and that we can't do it, that we make this our reality. Instead, we need to know that we can do it. So how do we combat our own self doubt and begin achieving our dreams?


Practising positive affirmations, throughout a workout, during relaxation or before a workout can have a hugely positive impact on your success. You can use visualisation techniques to envisage yourself reaching your goal, notice how you'll feel and what you'll look like; watch the scene in your head. Repeat to yourself in your mind, I can do this, I will do this. During your training or progressing steps, praise yourself. Lift yourself up and enjoy feeling good about yourself and you'll be even hungrier for that success.

Set Goals

Set goals which you can achieve. If you've never walked a mile, but are dreaming of running a marathon, then break it down into smaller goals, so you can see yourself making progress. Aim to run for a minute, then 2, build up to a mile, 5k. There are so many training apps and personal trainers to help you set and achieve your goals, and to encourage you along the way. Motivation is key, you need to have something to strive for, and a way of measuring your success.

Toughen Up

When a difficult task is set, it's going to take willpower and training to get there. Know in your mind that there will be challenges and discomfort along the way, and know that you are going to spend a lot of time out of your comfort zone. Once you realise that you can do this, and survive it, your mental strength and belief will increase. Repeat, and strengthen your way to the finish line.


Doing something which you enjoy makes the whole thing more achievable. If you love the feeling of having just run faster or further than before, then go with it. If you like increasing your muscle strength and lifting goals, then go with that. If classes are more your thing, for weight loss or cardio health, then go ahead. Just enjoy your journey and your activities.

Once you begin your journey to success, everything will become easier. After 6 weeks, the discomfort should ease and you will realise you can improve yourself. You'll have obstacles and moments of self doubt, but come back to this, reset your mind, refocus and achieve. You will benefit in every area of your life: willpower breeds willpower. You can improve your career, friends, health, all by the power of your mind.

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