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Keeping Healthy on a Busy Schedule

Our lives are busy, our days are long and our to do lists even longer. Often, when questioned, lack of time is the main 'excuse' as to why people don't follow such a healthy lifestyle as they'd hope to. However, it is achievable, no matter who you are or what your lifestyle, it is all about priorities.

So you want to be healthy, but you work long hours, have to commute and have to give your family some time. I know as much as anyone what a juggling act it can be to fit everything in, but organisation is key. You are the most important thing, you and your health.

Finding a new routine can seem daunting, and impossible, but check your phone screen time, or your Netflix viewing, and I'm sure you'll see a way where you can get a few extra workout minutes into your day.

From walking during your lunch hour, making your family time fitness friendly, walking or cycling instead of driving, and ditching those pointless scrolls through social media, which so many of us can be guilty of. It is the little things which make the biggest difference, and which make our goals achievable.

Workout Time

The required time for an average, productive workout is 20-40 minutes. Whether you are thinking of running, HIIT, LIIT, yoga, walking; if you spend 20-40 minutes increasing your heart rate, you will see improvements in your fitness levels and your health.

You don't need to sacrifice your favourite show, why not work out whilst watching, or listening to something which you enjoy? No need to skip on social outings, arrange a catch up at your local trampoline park instead of the pub, you'll no doubt laugh just as much, without consuming extra calories, in fact you'll burn a fair few instead.

Meal Time

Eating healthily isn't the mission impossible it is seen to be. Think food groups, and plan ahead. Get your shopping in, and ensure you don't run out of food, as this can lead to takeaways or meals out far more easily. Feel free to get some easy dishes in too, for those lazy days when the curry shop begins to call your name. A frozen pizza is better than a fried takeaway.

Ensure you are getting plenty of vegetables, and easy to grab snacks which are nutritious, such as nuts, seeds and fruits. Try not to over eat, just because something is nutritious, it doesn't mean it isn't calorific. Just think smart: no family sized packets of crisps or giant chocolate bars. Allow yourself the odd treat, but don't make it the norm.

As for dinners, plan your meals ahead, take your lunch out with you, and remember, portion sizes are important too. Feed yourself as you would feed your child, with care and attention. You need to take care of you too.


Keep a diary of your meals and your exercise and see how you can improve your lifestyle to improve your health. By writing it down, it's often easier to see where you are going wrong and educate yourself on how to put it right.

Remember, exercise and healthy eating doesn't need to be a chore. It can be fun, and it will make you feel and look better too, as well as potentially adding years to your life. Make yourself your priority and you and your loved ones will reap the benefits.

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