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LIIT Training

So we've likely all heard of High Intensity Interval Training, commonly referred to as HIIT training, and the wonders it can do for fat burning and weight loss. However, the new hype on the workout scene is LIIT training, Low Intensity Interval Training. LIIT is similar to HIIT in the sense that you work out for periods of time, followed by rest periods, however, as you may have guessed, the exercises are more low impact, more gentle and  kinder to your joints and muscles.

There have been discussions that HIIT training can cause more harm than good, and while this may not be true to all of us, it certainly does have risk factors, due to the intensity of the workout.

That is not to say you still won't reap the rewards from a LIIT session, in fact, the rewards can be just as plentiful, perhaps more so for beginners. With these sessions, it is easy to build up, there is always room to build the intensity, as you become stronger, fitter and more able. By exercising at a low intensity, you can still improve your cardio fitness and your stamina. It is also a great way to burn fat.

LIIT training is usually done without equipment, but instead by using your own body weight. This reduces the chances of muscle strain or injury. It also means it is more accessible to all ages and fitness abilities. The only downside is that you may have to work out longer to burn the same amount of calories, but the workout itself is so much more enjoyable and sustainable; in fact, you can incorporate LIIT training into almost any workout that you do.

Set 45 minutes aside to trial your first LIIT session, and why not follow something similar to this:-

Begin by walking or jogging on the spot for 2 minutes to warm up


Feet under hips, bend at the knee and slowly squat down, touching the floor if you can. Then come up to standing and raise your arms. Continue for 60 seconds.

2 minute rest of walking on the spot


No jumping allowed! LIIT burpees are not to be dreaded as much as the standard ones. Place your hands on the floor and step both feet back, then forwards and rise to standing. Repeat for 60 seconds.

2 minute rest of walking on the spot

Sit Ups

Slow and controlled sit ups for 60 seconds.

2 minute rest of walking on the spot

Side Step

Begin with feet together, then step your right leg out to the side, whilst reaching towards your right foot with your left hand. Step back to centre and alternate sides for 60 seconds.

2 minute rest of walking on the spot

Press Ups

On all fours or in a half plank position, lower your upper body to the ground, and back up. Repeat for 60 seconds.

2 minute rest of walking on the spot.

Continue these rounds for the duration of the workout, finishing with a 2-4 minute cool down, and follow with some stretches.

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