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Yoga For Beginners

Yoga is a great exercise for both the mind and body, suitable to people of all ages, shapes and sizes. Yoga offers so many benefits to everybody, with many different styles and variations to suit each individual.

Benefits Of Yoga

There are so many benefits to a yoga practice, that it would be impossible to list them all in one article, however some of them include weight loss and weight management, increased flexibility, stress reduction, improved sleep and energy levels, and decreased fatigue, stronger bones, joints and muscles, reduced body fat, improved posture, relief and prevention of back pain, amongst other aches and pains and increased focus.


Due to yoga being a low impact practice, many people under estimate the positive effect it can have on your weight. Yoga is a practice where you work your whole body, building muscle, burning fat and improving your heart health. You don't need to be pounding on a treadmill or sweating buckets to improve your body shape and weight.


As you practice yoga, you will notice, over time, that your joint and muscle flexibility increases more and more. This increased flexibility can help to rid of body aches and pains, especially lower back pain, but also knee and hip pain, amongst others. This increased flexibility, not only rids of aches and pains, but also makes everyday activities, such as tying shoelaces, so much easier. It can also help to prevent injury from sports and other activities.

So many people assume that they 'can't do yoga' because they're not bendy enough, but that couldn't be further from the truth. It is the less flexible people who need to do yoga more than any other.


Yoga is very well known for the effect it can have on the mind, as well as the body. Through meditation and relaxation during a yoga practice, we can calm our minds and reduce stress in our everyday lives. This can help to aid sleep and sleep quality, reducing insomnia and fatigue. Reducing stress can also help to decrease our heart rate and blood pressure, increase our lung capacity and improve our stamina and overall fitness levels; just by changing the way we breathe. This results in a reduced risk of heart disease and stroke, can improve asthma sufferers conditions, and can make for a much happier everyday existence, for you and those around you.


Despite the low impact quality of yoga, it is still an incredible way to tone your muscles and build your strength. Through body weight exercises and controlled movements, our muscles grow and develop, and the great news is, unlike some other strengthening exercises, this can actually strengthen our joints, as opposed to weakening them.

Another positive strength builder is for our bones. Surveys suggest that yoga can help to increase bone density, and is especially great for people who suffer from, or at risk of osteoporosis. Yoga can also improve balance, preventing falls, another great benefit for osteoporosis sufferers.

For All

No matter your weight, shape, size or ability, there is a yoga class out there for you, which can improve your health: both mentally and physically. Find your local class online, and why not treat yourself to a new yoga outfit to motivate you to get to that first yoga class. Visit for a selection of high quality yoga clothing.


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