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Types of Workout Clothes

Fitness fashion is a huge phenomenon, and the craze doesn’t look to be slowing anytime soon. There are workout clothes for every possible activity and every eventuality. Whether you’re a bodybuilder, Yogi, runner, cyclist, or something else, you can find clothing which is supportive and comfortable. Whatever your shape, size, activity and style, find exactly what you need to feel comfortable and supported throughout.


Yoga pants are one of the most popular fitness clothing items. There are so many designs, patterns and styles, that it is easy to see why people own so many pairs. As wonderful as these crazy designs are, and I’ll admit, I’m addicted myself, the most important thing to bear in mind when choosing yoga leggings, is to ensure that the items offer plenty of flexibility. Bending, movement and comfort is required from your yoga clothing. High, fold down waist bands are a popular choice to ensure comfort and flexibility of movement.

Yoga tops also need to offer flexibility of movement, and need to be fitted enough to not hinder your movement or expose you during your stretches. Often, yoga tops have fitted bras to help, so try to choose this as an option, or a low impact sports bra to wear under your tee or vest.

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High Intensity Training

Aerobics and high intensity style workouts require supportive clothing, which doesn’t hinder movement. The clothing needs to move with you, without slipping down or restricting you. Supportive sports bras are essential, high waisted leggings or shorts are ideal, and drawstrings can be an ideal choice too.

Clothing for high intensity workouts can sometimes include compressive qualities too. This can help with reducing the onset of doms and muscle soreness. It is important to ensure that compression is not too tight, as you don’t want your muscles to be too restricted, as this can also cause injury.


Padding required! Flexibility of movement, as always, is required. You also need to ensure you have padding to protect your bottom, as long rides can cause extreme discomfort and bruising. It is also important to ensure that your clothing is not too lose if you are wearing trousers, as you don’t want your bottoms getting caught on the pedals.


Clothing for bodybuilders can afford to be a little looser. You need to feel comfortable and have items which keep you cool, without restricting you. When lifting heavy weights, you don’t want to be worrying about a tight waistband or snug tee, you need to be able to breathe well to support your lifting. You can also opt for clothing which shows off your well-earned, toned muscles, so find something that suits your needs and desires.

womens gym wear


Footwear is, obviously, an essential part of any workout wardrobe, with differing footwear for cyclists, weight lifters and runners. The shoes you wear can not only help to prevent injury, but they can also improve your performance instantly. From a springier running shoe, to a firmer bodybuilder, you will see instant results, and feel more comfortable too.


From socks to bras to thongs, the right underwear is important during any workout. Seamless items are ideal, as they help to prevent chaffing and irritation. Sweat wicking materials are also ideal, to prevent sweaty trainers, sore crotches and irritated bust bands. Wearing incorrect underwear can lead to missed training sessions and severe discomfort, so despite it often being a missed item in any workout wardrobe, it is in fact, an essential.

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It can be hard to know where to start when shopping for workout wear. With everyone stocking fitness gear, you can spend anywhere from just a few pounds, to hundreds of pounds, and everything in between. It’s hard to tell how much you need to spend, without ending up with something not fit for the job, but also without breaking the bank unnecessarily. Expensive items are often only expensive because of the label or reputation, and often you can find other, more affordable items, which don’t leave you broke for the foreseeable.

Thankfully, the experts at Gym Wear UK, specialise in supplying high quality items, right on trend, at affordable prices for the average fitness goer. They offer quality, style and variety to suit any individual, any workout and most budgets. Without being cheap, they give you the perfect blend for getting the most out of your workout, and your workout wear.

So, whether you’re looking for sports bras, sports tops, hoodies, jackets or vests; or looking to choose workout leggings, shorts, tracksuit bottoms or capris, you will find what you need online. Underwear and accessories, including sports bags, are also available, with many matching and complimenting items. This helps to ensure that you are the epitome of style, with all the hard work taken care of for you.

High quality, seamless, high waisted, sweat wicking, durable workout clothing is supplied by Gym Wear UK. Their supplies include items from brands such as Combat Dollies, Pursue Fitness, Golds Gym and many more. Thankfully, Gym Wear UK manage to stay ahead of the trends, constantly changing their brands, to ensure they stay ahead of the game and right on trend, through the changing times. This also helps to ensure you will not be wearing the same as every one else at the gym. After all, why try to be anyone else, when you can be your wonderful, individual self?

Visit online at and browse the collection of men and women’s gym clothes and accessories. You can shop with complete peace of mind, knowing that they offer easy returns and exchanges, prompt and free delivery options, sizing guides and online assistance, and they have high ratings and great reviews from their customer service offered, and from the quality of their items.

Whatever you’re into, from running to lifting, yoga to cycling, whatever your style, from sophisticated to loud, you can find exactly what you want and need from this online store. What’s more, the quality is so good, you won’t need to be renewing every season, because these items really are built to last.


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