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What To Wear To The Gym Female First Time

As a newcomer to a gym, it is common to think that everyone else knows what to do, how to do it, what to wear, and that they will be judging any newcomer on all of the above. Firstly, let me put your mind to rest; no matter how long you have been training for, it still hurts, everyone is still focused on their own session, and if any judgement is being made, it is not negative. Speaking from personal experience, gym-goers are in fact, some of the nicest people you could wish to meet. People of similar mindset, who understand how hard it is to begin, and if they are going to interact, it will be nothing but pleasant. Alternatively, they’ll be so in the zone, they won’t even notice you’re there.

However, it is still important that you make the right decision on what to wear to the gym, not for these other people, but for you. You want to wear something comfortable, supportive and suitable for your workout. So put that old tracksuit away, and see what you should be wearing to get the most of out of your visit.

Sports Bra

We’ll start with a sports bra, as this is one of the most essential items which you will need. No matter how big, or small your bust, you still need to support what you have. You want to be supported to prevent any pain or discomfort, prevent sagging, stretching and damage to the tissue. It’s easy to think that sports bras are only required if you’re bigger on top, but that is not the case. Do not go to the gym without one. You can find a selection of sports bras, varying from low impact support to high impact support, and various in between. Ensure you have the correct support for your activity, and if in doubt, opt for higher support to keep the girls in place.

sport bra

A sports bra should minimise movement in the bust, but without restricting your breathing. You shouldn’t feel crushed. The material should be soft and comfortable, to prevent chaffing. It should also be made from breathable, sweat wicking material, to ensure the sweat is kept away from your skin, and your body is kept cool and dry. This helps to prevent discomfort and rashes, or body acne.


Sports bras alone, t-shirts or vests: the choice is yours. The type of top you opt for is entirely down to your own personal preference. Whichever option you go for, the most important aspect, is the material of the top. Ensure, as above, that the material is breathable and sweat-wicking, to keep your body cool and comfortable. Standard cotton T-shirts hold onto that sweat and become heavy, and stick to your skin as you work out, this makes your workout feel harder, makes you smell and look far less pleasant and doesn’t feel as comfortable as the correct attire. So, choose your style, but make sure it’s a top designed for active wear.

Gym Leggings

My personal favourite: workout leggings. Activewear leggings are suitable for any workout, anywhere. You can opt for varying lengths or even shorts if you prefer, but no ladies gym workout is complete, without her own pair of gym leggings. The fashion world has gone mad for gym leggings too, meaning the designs and styles available are uncountable. If you want to hide away in a sophisticated black, grey, or solid colour, you most definitely can do. Alternatively, if you want to brighten up your workout, you can get leggings more lairy than you could ever dare to be, in bright colours, or perhaps you’d prefer animal print, in a quieter colour. The world is your oyster, so browse the available selection and choose something which you will feel comfortable in. High waisted leggings are a popular option as they prevent leggings slipping during squats and forward bends, keeping you comfortable and covered, throughout any exercise regime.

gym leggings

Workout leggings also offer support around your muscles. You can choose the leggings more suitable for your chosen exercise, but if you are partaking in high intensity workouts, having added compression can help to protect your muscles and can prevent doms soreness after exercise.


It is vital that we don’t allow our muscles to cool down too quickly after a workout, because this leaves us vulnerable to aches and injury. Therefore, we need a jacket or hoodie suitable for the gym. If you are likely to be working out in your outerwear, then the need for sweat wicking and breathable materials apply, however, if it is just a warm layer for getting to and from your workout, you can choose whatever you wish: fleece-lined, sweaters, waterproof, anything you wish.

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Ultimately, the most important thing to bear in mind when choosing a workout outfit is that you need to feel happy. Don’t go out of your comfort zone for your first visit, wear something you feel good in, something you want to wear, which won’t make you feel self-conscious. Don’t forget to take some water to keep you hydrated, and a small towel can be handy too. Most importantly, go and enjoy your first visit, it could be the start of a brand new, happier, healthier life for you.


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