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What Gym Leggings Are Squat Proof?

What Is Squat Proof?

We hear the expression squat proof leggings frequently when referring to gym wear, but what does it actually mean? Surely, all gym leggings are suitable for squatting aren’t they? I guess you’re able to get into a squat position in most pairs, but to be truly squat proof, gym leggings are required to be made to a high quality.

Squat proof gym leggings are leggings which don’t go see-through as soon as we bend down. If cheap material is used, it can often be too thin and therefore, becomes even thinner as you bend and move and the material stretches. This leads to you showing the world what is beneath your leggings, whether you like it or not.

squat poof leggings

Squat proof gym leggings are made of high-quality materials, to ensure that we can bend and move in all directions, without this see through occurrence. In addition to this, the materials also offer more support and comfort when working out. They help to compress your muscles to reduce the onset of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), and also help to keep you cool throughout your workout. The materials help to wick the sweat away, keeping you cooler and more comfortable for longer.

Gym leggings which are not squat proof are also renowned for sliding down mid squat. So, if people aren’t looking through your leggings they can be peering from the top, and let’s be honest, a builder’s bum is not a good look on even the sexiest of bottoms. Squat proof gym leggings are made with more stretchy material, which ensures your leggings move with you when you squat, they stretch in all directions, ensuring the waist band is held in place. No more unwanted flashing in inappropriate places.

How Will I Know?

If you don’t want to wait until you’re squatting at the gym, to be told by the person behind you that your leggings are not squat proof, simply give them the squat test. Grab a mirror, put your back to it and squat deep. Downward facing dog even, any intense stretch will do, to allow you to check your own reflection to ensure you have chosen squat proof garments.

squat poof leggings

Where Can I Find Them?

However, if you’re shopping online and you don’t have the luxury of a changing room and a mirror, and you can’t be bothered with returns and refunds, Gym Wear UK is your online solution. All of the leggings from this trusted supplier have been tested and are guaranteed to keep your private parts private.

Gym Wear UK stocks squat proof gym leggings from a range of brands, including Famme, V3 Apparel, Combat Dollies and many others. Their range is versatile to suit all shapes, sizes and preferences. You can browse the items, ratings and reviews online to ensure the item is perfect for what you need. So, whether you’re a runner, yogi, cyclist or more of a class fanatic, you can find your perfect squat proof leggings at


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