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How Do You Know If Gym Leggings Are Squat Proof?

What Is Squat Proof?

Before we discuss how we know if gym leggings are squat proof, let’s first find out what squat proof gym leggings actually are. We’ve heard the expression, but what exactly are squat proof gym leggings? In short, squat proof leggings are anti see-through leggings. When we exercise and stretch the material of our leggings in certain poses, such as squats, if the material isn’t thick enough, it becomes see through. These are not squat proof leggings. When you can bend and squat without your leggings becoming see through, they are squat proof.

How Can You Tell?

The best way to be able to tell for sure if your gym leggings are squat proof or not, is through trial. Try your gym wear on in front of a mirror and literally squat and bend, checking that you’re not exposing yourself or your underwear in the process. It can often be best to check with darker underwear, to ensure there is no hint of exposure.

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However, sometimes this is not always possible. If you are buying without the chance to try on, or purchasing online from a thumbnail picture, you want to ensure the goods you are purchasing are up to standard, to prevent having to continually return items. If this is the case, ensure you are buying from a trusted gym wear brand, as opposed to a high street shop. Generally speaking, the quality of gym wear items is more suited to workouts and often tends to be more durable and better equipped for the job. Materials are more able to help to control your body temperature and remove sweat, making your workout more comfortable.


When high quality materials are used, your workout is more comfortable because of the temperature control and sweat wicking. It also makes your workout more comfortable and supported, because of the compression materials; this helps to protect your muscles and joints. High quality gym wear is also made to be either seamless or with double seams, but usually ensures that the seams will not rub or chaff the skin.

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Just because something is labelled as athletic wear, it doesn’t always mean it is squat proof. You don’t want to be buying the incorrect items and finding out through sniggers at your gym class that your gym leggings aren’t as squat proof as promised on the tag. It is often a good idea to use trusted workout brands to ensure that your gym leggings are exactly what you need them to be. Thankfully, there are trusted suppliers, such as GymWear UK, who specialise in supplying gym clothing and accessories, which have been tried and trusted.

GymWear UK have some of the very best squat proof leggings, suitable for a variety of shapes and sizes, suitable for any activity. They are squat proof guaranteed, with brands such as Famme, V3 Apparel and Combat Dollies, to name but a few. Visit for your perfect pair of squat proof gym leggings.


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