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Why Are All My Gym Leggings Not Squat Proof?

Squat proof gym leggings are such a sought-after item of gym clothing, that it seems odd that not all gym leggings are squat proof, right? If all gym leggings were squat proof, surely not only would our lives be easier, but the retailers would sell more and need to refund less, because they would all be fit for purpose.

As true as this is, sadly, it’s not quite that simple. Gym leggings are hard to make. To ensure items are made properly, it requires skill and experience and high-quality materials. Often, many high street shops will use cheaper materials, to keep the price down for themselves and the consumer, however, this cheaper material will rarely, if ever, have the flexibility of the higher quality goods. As a result, this means that the materials will not stretch as they need to, meaning that when they do, the material stretches thinly and becomes see through.

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In addition to the cheaper materials being used, more simplistic stitching and seams are used, again often for cost saving reasons. When gym wear isn’t double stitched or seamless, it can tend to fray at the seams, or become unstitched, especially when put through tough workouts, deep bends and squats.

The experts in gym wear appreciate the importance of investing in high quality, flexible but supportive materials. The materials are literally weaved differently, created for this specific purpose. Some people do not need to be investing in proper workout gear if they are just investing for cheap ‘throw on’ clothes. However, the athletes amongst, whether beginner or regular, will most definitely benefit from quality gym wear, and squat proof leggings.

Squat proof leggings are about more than keeping your undies covered, although that is also a huge perk. They support your muscles and joints, they move with you, increasing your flexibility, and they stay in place throughout your workout. If you were to monitor a workout with gym leggings and a workout with cheap alternatives, I can almost guarantee you will see better results with the correct attire.

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Gym wear companies, such as Famme, Combat Dollies, V3 Apparel, Pursue Fitness, amongst many others, specialise in this durable and supportive gym clothing to get you through your toughest workouts. Gym Wear UK is a gym clothing supplier, who specialise in supplying only top-quality items, such as the aforementioned brands. The materials used ensure that the gym leggings are squat proof, moisture wicking and have a hold-in effect. All of these are features which will benefit you and your workout.

The materials used also often have 360 degree stretch lycra fabric, which is how you are able to move so fluently and effortlessly when wearing them. The compression material throughout helps to support your muscles, preventing the onset of DOMS by improving the blood circulation.

To find your perfect pair of gym leggings, squat proof guaranteed, visit Gym Wear UK online at

You’ll find a selection of designs, colours and styles to suit your tastes, whatever your preference.


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