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What Does Not Squat Proof Mean?

Gym clothing and athleisure seems to be the latest craze for every man and woman, boy and girl, with the demand for fitness clothing now greater than ever. It could be that as a nation we have now realised the necessity to keep fit and healthy, or it could be the realisation that gym wear is comfortable and versatile for any activity.

Whether you’re a fitness fanatic, a reluctant beginner or something in between, there’s a good chance you own, or have at least toyed with the idea of owning a pair of gym leggings. The selection of gym leggings available is truly phenomenal, and pretty mind blowing if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Squat proof gym leggings seem all the rage, with people gloating about their latest purchase, and companies proud of their squat proof range, but what does it actually mean if a pair of gym leggings aren’t squat proof?

What is Squat Proof?

Ultimately, the most important thing gym leggings have to do, is keep you covered. That’s one of the main reasons we wear any item of clothing, right? If gym leggings don’t cover your body, they have ultimately failed as your gym clothing. Whether that means they split, fall down or are see-through, or any combination of these, the result is the same. So squat proof leggings, in short, mean non-see-through leggings; leggings which stay in place when we work out.

The Secret?

The right fabric is the most important factor. We need to ensure that the fabric doesn’t get too thin when we bend and stretch, otherwise the leggings will go see through. The right fabric is generally a combination of materials cleverly combined, to ensure the items are not see through, and are also not saggy or lacking in elasticity. You want them to fit comfortably and snug, but without restricting your movement. Also, if we’re honest, we want our gym leggings to be flattering on our legs, tummies and booties.

The perfect fabric, often means the perfect squat proof gym leggings. Here are 2 of our most favourite squat proof leggings on the market.

Combat Dollies Neon Camo Capri

Combat Dollies have an incredible selection of bold running leggings, which are all of the highest quality, resulting in flattering leggings, which fit and support you perfectly. These neon camo capris are great for standing out, especially in the warmer months. These capris are double layered, leaving you safe in the knowledge that they will not become see through. They also have sublimation printing, meaning the colours and patterns will not peel or crack when wearing or washing. 360 degree stretch material also ensures the perfect fit and perfect stretch for your workout.

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Pursue Fitness Seamless Leggings

These are available in a range of colours, to suit a range of preferences, with high waisted properties to accentuate and flatter your figure. The seamless qualities ensures maximum durability, with quality and soft touch materials to ensure comfort and flexibility throughout your workout.

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Visit for an incredible selection of squat proof leggings, including the 2 mentioned above.


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