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Why Are My Gym Leggings See-Through When I Bend Over?

No one wants to be the butt of the joke at the gym, which is why we need to know how we can ensure that our gym leggings won’t go see-through when we bend over. Whether you end up exposing your pants or something a little more, it’s not the best way to increase your confidence or motivation when working out. Often gym leggings go see-through if they have too much nylon in. The material gets too thin when you bend and stretch, and the result is the see-through look. Often, when this happens, the material isn’t extremely durable and so doesn’t last long when being sweated in and washed frequently. Also, they are often ill-fitting, and slip down when you move instead of staying in place and supporting you through your training.

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The Right Pair

Finding the right pair of gym leggings, which don’t go see through when you work out, will literally change your training. From your confidence and motivation, to your comfort and support; the right attire makes any exercise more of a pleasure than the wrong. It can be hard to know which retailers to trust and which brands to opt for on a market so heavily saturated as the athleisure market.

Famme Ombre

For the ultimate in sophisticated style, Famme offers a selection of squat proof leggings, suitable for any workout, including yoga, running or just everyday activities. They look incredible because of the colour and design, but also because of the high waisted fit, accentuating feminine curves. There are a range of colours to suit a range of different tastes.

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V3 Apparel Empower

V3 Apparel also have a stunning range of squat proof leggings available, with seamless, high waisted and scrunch bum options all available. The versatility of the high waist design works in its favour for differing preferences, with the seamless qualities working to enhance movement and performance for the wearer. You can look and feel amazing in this selection of stunning squat proof leggings.

Combat Dollies Full Rainbow

If you’re looking to stand out in the crowd while you sweat away your stresses, then there is no need to look any further than Combat Dollies full rainbow leggings. They are in your face and truly fantastic, with the quality to support their bright range. Combat Dollies offers a higher level of compression, great for strength training and running, especially. Their 360 degree stretch qualities makes them a great choice for any workout.

Gym Wear UK

Gym Wear UK is a supplier of high-quality gym clothing, specialising in discovering items a little different to everyone else. The items are highly rated and strong enough to withstand the toughest workouts. To maximise on your training, look good, feel good and be sure that your gym leggings are most definitely not see through, visit the online store at and find your perfect pair of squat proof gym leggings. You’ll be forever glad that you did.


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