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What Gym Leggings Are the Best for Working Out?

Gym leggings are a popular item of clothing for athletes and people living an active lifestyle, however over recent years, they are becoming increasingly popular as an everyday item of clothing, as opposed to specifically for people working out.

Gym leggings are comfortable, fashionable and affordable, so why wouldn’t you wear them at every given opportunity? However, when choosing your gym leggings for working out, there are a multitude of components to make your leggings fit for use. Here’s how to find the best gym leggings for working out.

womens gym leggings

Squat Proof Gym Leggings

First and foremost, you need to ensure your leggings are fit for purpose, and are not going to go see-through when you start bending and squatting. Do the squat test before wearing your leggings, by bending and squatting in front of a mirror, to ensure you are not exposing yourself to the gym. Squat proof leggings need to be thick and stretchy material, which fit well to ensure you can squat ‘til you drop.


Gym leggings for working out need to fit well. If you buy them too big, you’ll be hoicking them up mid-run or mid class. If you buy them too small, you’ll spend your workout restricted and unable to move, and also likely uncomfortable. To ensure the correct fit, it is important to invest in gym leggings of high quality. The material needs a suitable amount of compression to support your muscles and joints, and to keep everything in place. If your gym leggings fit properly, you can use your efforts on focusing on your workout, meaning better results for you.

High Waisted Gym Leggings

One of the more popular items nowadays are high waisted gym leggings. This obviously depends on the individual, however, high waisted gym leggings, do tend to stay in place more than the low-rise options. From yoga to squats, aerobics to weights, high waisted gym leggings offer all the coverage and support you need.

From seamless to three quarter length, branded, and a variety of designs and colours, there are gym leggings for every individual, to suit every workout. Below are a few examples of high-quality gym leggings suitable for your exercise regime.

womens gym leggings


Famme is a trusted brand, known for the variety of stylish and comfortable gym leggings. Famme appreciates that we need to feel good to look good, and look good to feel good, and their designs make this an easy feat. The soft materials and incredible array of colours and designs mean you will never need to find an alternative brand of gym leggings.

Combat Dollies

If you want to stand out from the crowd, and compression is your thing, then Combat Dollies are the gym leggings of your dreams. With wild designs and bold and bright colours and prints, as well as a higher level of compression for that ‘tight hug’ feeling, you can work out in comfort, style and support.

Visit to view the stunning selection of high quality gym leggings available and find your perfect pair.


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