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How Should Seamless Gym Leggings Fit?

One of the most important factors regarding gym wear, is that it should fit well and feel comfortable. Your gym clothing needs to support your workout, as opposed to detract from it. You don’t want to be yanking your gym leggings up every two minutes, but you also don’t want that muffin top creeping in, with the ability to bend over hindered by your too tight waistband.

Getting Them On

Getting the correct fit of gym leggings is partly to do with personal preference, but whatever you opt for, they should be comfortable. It shouldn’t feel like a work out just getting into your gym wear, if it is, chances are you need to up a size. No wriggling required, you should be able to smoothly pull your seamless gym leggings on.

seamless leggings

After Effects

When you’ve finished your workout, you wouldn’t expect your seamless leggings to leave red marks around the waist. Any marks on the skin may suggest that your gym wear is a little too small, and may be restricting your movement, or even your breathing; both important factors when exercising.

When Wearing

If you manage to get your seamless leggings on comfortably, and you’re sure they’re a high-quality product, they should also be squat proof. This means that as you squat, or stretch, the material doesn’t become see-through. You can test this yourself in front of a mirror. Simply squat or bend as far as possible, and ensure you can’t see your under garments through your seamless gym leggings. Leggings going see through often suggests that the material has been stretched further than intended, resulting in this transparency.


As well as having gym leggings too small, too big can also be a problem. Seamless leggings generally offer some compression, so they should fit like a gentle hug. Gym leggings need to fit well, without bagginess or wrinkling; they should ideally fit like a second skin.

seamless leggings

Staying in Place

A simple one to test for in the changing room, but if your seamless leggings are constantly falling from your waist, then it is going to distract you from your workout, and limit the effectiveness for your body and mind when you exercise. Jumping around, running, squatting or bending should not mean you lose your leggings. Gym wear is designed to move with us, so you want gym leggings which will support your movements, not have a mini workout of their own.

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