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What Is the Difference Between Seamless Leggings and Leggings?

Seamless gym leggings are a popular choice amongst runners, athletes, yogis and other fitness enthusiasts. The clothes which we work out in can hugely impact the effectiveness of our workout. To ensure we are giving ourselves the best possible chance of a good workout, we need to think about the clothing and fabrics we use during our exercise.


Standard leggings are created through a method, known as cut and sew. Fabric is literally sewn together, to hold it together. This is how a lot of clothing is manufactured, and it is and has been a perfectly adequate style of manufacture. These seams are often in many parts of the clothing, from the crotch, legs and waistband, to name a few.

seamless leggings

Gym leggings, which aren’t seamless can often have the ability to be more compressive, so if you like that tighter fit, gym leggings can be a great option.


Seamless leggings are not manufactured in the same way. The material used for seamless leggings is knitted, as opposed to woven, with stitching only present on the inner leg. This material is generally much more lightweight, with a better stretch and shape retention. This means you can move more freely in seamless leggings, in comparison to generic leggings.

Seamless gym leggings are also, often, more durable. The seams are often the weakest part of clothing, and so without the seams to come apart, seamless leggings can be worn and washed more than your standard leggings.

If you are quite hard wearing on your clothes, and you like something a little more lightweight than the usual gym leggings, then seamless leggings are likely to be your preference. Ultimately, your preference in gym leggings, whether seamless or otherwise, all comes down to personal preference.

seamless gym leggings


Famme seamless leggings are a great option for yoga, strength training, running or even just everyday use. They offer freedom of movement, meaning you are never restricted by your clothing for whatever workout you opt for. The lightweight, sweat wicking material helps to keep you cool, and helps to protect your skin and body from chafing and rashes.

The high waisted material and scrunch effect helps to accentuate feminine curves, creating a flattering look. You’ll feel as wonderful as you look.

Pursue Fitness

The Pursue Fitness seamless gym leggings have a high waisted fit, with a supportive, ribbed waist band to hold your tummy in. These leggings are also soft to touch, meaning they feel nice against your skin, great for any workout, but especially yoga and Pilates.

These Pursue Fitness seamless leggings are also designed to move in every direction, meaning you can move as far and as much as your body will allow and your heart desires.

GymWear UK is an online supplier of high-quality gym clothing and accessories, and they have a selection of gym leggings available, both seamless and otherwise. Find your perfect pair online and enjoy feeling and looking your very best throughout your workout.


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