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Active wear is a massive business, with both men and women's sportswear increasing in popularity and volume across the globe. Leisurewear has become the latest craze, with sports wear which can be suitable for both the gym or casual everyday wear. Research suggests that millennial women are three times more likely to invest in sportswear than any other generation. But what exactly is it that motivates us to buy this gym clothing?

Social Media

Social media plays a massive part in affecting our purchases, whether in fashion, music or elsewhere. Surveys show that over 10% of brand posts in Instagram are from activewear brands. It is constantly instilled into us that we need to be healthy and active. Gym clothing allows us to suggest to the world that we do lead this healthy lifestyle, and not only that, but this versatile clothing, makes getting to the gym after work, that little bit easier.

Where To Wear It?

Surveys show that women often wear their gym clothing for lounging around the home in comfortable clothing. There is no denying the comfort of gym clothing. The most reported reason for women wearing leisurewear was, in fact, for its comfort, over the fashion element. However, that said, as designs and styles have evolved, the popularity of gym clothing has increased dramatically.


Let's not forget though, that gym wear is more than just a pair of casual lounge pants. Women's gym wear allows women to partake in sports and exercise, allowing them to feel fully supported and confident in their sportswear. From sports bras and leggings, to trainers and accessories, there is gym clothing to suit your every need and every shape.

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