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Get Your Summer Beach Body!

There is no such thing as a quick fix, having your dream beach body takes time and commitment. However, we have some top tips to set you on the way to have a body you can be proud of this summer, so you're not hiding beneath your towel, or worse still at home, when the rest of your crew are catching the rays at the beach. 

Stay Hydrated

One of the most important, and most overlooked requirements to look your best is to consume plenty of water. This comes in the form of drinking that H20, as well as eating salads and water rich food, which is easily absorbed. By staying hydrated, you reduce the risk of bloating, you allow your body to remain fuller for longer, preventing those binges, you encourage your body to work more efficiently, aiding digestion and increasing metabolism, and you also work to give your skin that extra glow and shine as your body enjoys being flushed through in every sense.

Little And Often

Instead of filling on large meals 3 times per day, try to limit your portion sizes, stopping eating when you are full. If you eat smaller meals, more regularly, your blood sugar levels remain more constant, which can not only improve your mood and energy levels, but it will help to prevent unhealthy snacking between meals. Five or six small meals throughout the day prevents you from being hungry or too full, which means your metabolism is kept high, assisting fat and calorie burning.

Body Weight Exercise

They're accessible and they're effective. By doing body weight exercises you can get the perfect body. From planking to push ups, wall sits to tricep dips, without putting your joints at risk. TRX suspension bands are also a great way to train, and again, these training plans are extremely accessible. If you do prefer to use weights, keep the weights light to prevent strain. Increased repetitions and reduced weights are the perfect way to tone your body to perfection, as well as burning fat at a rapid rate.

Working large muscle groups is a great way to encourage fat burning too, so regular, deep squats and a variety of plank exercises should be at the core of every workout.

Cut It Out

Reduce salt, processed sugars and alcohol intake to speed up the results. Instead, increase your proteins and fibre intake to ensure your body is functioning at it's most effective, helping to give you a lean, bloat-free body.

Keep Active

Whether you choose swimming, volleyball, running or yoga, by increasing your heart rate, you encourage your metabolism to stay high, reducing fat stores. These cardio exercises also encourage stretching, which is vital to prevent that chunky look. By stretching our muscles, we appear to look longer, leaner, stronger and trimmer. Cardio exercise is also a great way to increase your life expectancy, prevent disease and improve your moods and energy levels.

So in short, portion control, eating and drinking the right type of foods, remaining hydrated, keeping active and strength training are the key points to getting your beach body. We all want a body that looks 100% in a pair of gorgeous gym leggings, and on the beach - so check out our home workout tips for some more help in getting there.


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