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No Time To Exercise!? Our Hints & Tips To Kick Start Your Gym Journey!

Too familiar is the reality of a full day at work, to then arrive home late, hungry and with a family to greet and tend to, housework which needs doing and not enough time to do it. Or the stay at home mums amongst who can't get 10 minutes away from their little one(s) to even pee in peace, let alone attend a 90 minute yoga class. However, we're here to help you find ways to up your exercise to suit your lifestyle.

Make Time Work For You

If we're completely honest with ourselves, we do have down time in our day. Perhaps not long periods of it, but it's there. We need to find a way to manage our time more efficiently: do 20 minutes of HIIT before leaving for work, take the kids for a walk in the buggy/on their bikes, get on your treadmill or trampoline when watching TV or waiting for the bath to run. The smallest of things can all add up and make a huge difference.

Sign Up To Something

Even if it's just once per week. Find a gym class, running group, football team, or something which you will enjoy. Sign up, and turn up. Once you make something part of your routine, it will become the norm, and you will prioritise your workout over your ironing or that overtime for once. By committing to something, you are more likely to continue to attend.

Get A Buddy

Find a friend or friends to work out with. You can then encourage each other to get out the door. Having someone to make an excuse to makes you less likely to cancel a plan. If you only have yourself to let down, it is easier to get out of the workout.


Is there actually anything more important than your health? We often feel so bad to take time out and do something for us, but actually, our health affects everything. Increased exercise improves your immune system, meaning less sick days off work in the long term. It also keeps us healthier and increases our chance of a longer, healthier life, which is probably the greatest gift you can give to your family. So look after you.

Take Note

Take a moment to note down how long you spend each day doing what you do. How long do you sleep, eat, commute, work, browse online, watch TV, do housework, etc. When you take note, you will see just how much time you actually have in each day. Those 10-15 minutes browsing Facebook, they add up. That TV time, it's not compulsory. What we need to admit to ourselves is that we DO have time, we just don't always put exercise at the top of our to do list. You don't HAVE to attend a dance class or swimming gala, just move during your free time.

Cut It Out

Take the stairs instead of the escalator, walk during your lunch hour, squat while the kettle boils and cut out those short cuts. Don't drive if you can walk, do anything you need to; just get moving.

So start with small steps, begin by adding just 10 minutes exercise per day to your lifestyle. It doesn't need to be intense or extreme, just get moving, and reap the benefits which exercise can bring.


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