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What Is Appropriate Gym Wear?

So, you've figured out where to buy gym wear? But there are more questions! We all know that it wouldn't be wise to rock up to the gym wearing stiletto heels and skinny jeans, or a smart button shirt and suit, but what exactly is acceptable and appropriate gym wear?


Whether you're male or female, and cardio or strength training, the correct footwear is vital. Flip flops or loose fitting shoes will hinder your workout, putting you at risk of many injuries. Ideally, lightweight trainers with support and cushioning are ideal for high impact workouts, such as running. Whereas supportive flat shoes are better for weight training. You can also invest in cycling or spinning shoes, dance trainers and more, but just ensure you have footwear that will support you for your workout. 

Gym Wear Bottoms

Breathable fabrics are the ideal choice for the gym, as well as something that you can stretch easily in. Wearing elasticated waistbands, means you will not be restricted by your clothing. Gym wear should support you, keeping you comfortable and cool. Gym leggings, Shorts, fitted or baggy trousers are all options, but again, ensure your workout clothing is suitable for your activity. You don't want to be flashing other members in short shorts, nor catching your baggy trousers on the exercise bike. It's important you feel comfortable in what you are wearing to prevent feeling self conscious with your wardrobe choice. 

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Gym Wear Tops - Ladies

Ladies amongst, please wear a supportive sports top. Whether that's a sports bra under a T-shirt or a fitted top with in-built support, it doesn't matter. Not only will it make you feel more comfortable during your workout, it will also prevent your breast tissue stretching and damaging, reducing sagging and stretch marks. Again, breathable gym wear is the best choice to prevent over heating, skin irritations and heat rash. 

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sports bra

Gym Wear Tops - Mens

Soft breathable fabrics to soak up any sweat and keep your body cool are the perfect gym top for you gents. Whether you prefer loose or tight fitting is entirely up to you, as long as your clothing doesn't restrict your movements.


Often, very little thought goes into our gym underwear, we'll simply wear the undies we have had on all day at the office. However, incorrect materials on your most precious parts can cause rash and irritation. Avoid thongs and lace material ladies, and men, ensure you have adequate support for your 'little' friends, to avoid sagging and damage to the reproductive organs.

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seamless thong


There are lots of gym wear accessories available, from belts and straps, to gloves and caps. Gloves for weightlifting can be great to protect your skin, and straps are great for holding your music player or phone, if necessary. Accessories are great, whether used for fashion or for a comfort or safety requirement.

Be You

Like anything you wear, it is important you feel good in your gym wear. The correct clothing will support and motivate you, whereas incorrect clothing can have the opposite effect. So whether you want to go skimpy and flaunt it, or cover up for comfort, just be you and enjoy your workout.

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